Happy new year !!! read about my gift to all my fans

Dear Friend,

I want to wish you a very prosperous and very happy new year in
2011. I want you to be happy and get everything you wished for. I also
wish for you to fulfill your New Year resolutions.

Yesterday I received hundreds of emails and facebook massages
wishing me a happy new year. So many good emails cannot go unanswered.
I don’t have time to write almost one thousand replies so I have
decided to reply in a different way.

Most of my exhibitions were over by Christmas time. Many galleries
and museums have returned my paintings. I have received back about 50
paintings in the past few days. I want to give a gift to my fans and
give away these paintings practically for free. I made it my New Year
resolution to make as many fans happy as possible. After you read this
my friend you will be left senseless, because I’m about to give away
paintings practically for free.

I’m selling paintings that cost between $1000 – $2000 for only $99
including shipping to North America (Canada, USA, Mexico). This is a
onetime chance only. Consider this a new year’s gift fromLeonid Afremov
that loves his fans so much. I don’t know if I will be so generous next
year. I want you to be surprised and not know what you are getting
until you open the box, like a Christmas gift from far relatives.
Please go to this link to purchase one of these painting
Please write in a message what you wish to have (landscape, Seascape ,
People, Music and etc) and I will try my best to find a painting that
will match your taste.

I also have some paintings from my older collections still
available at this link for only $299 including shipping anywhere in the

I want to wish you again a very happy new year in 2011

God Bless You

Truly Yours,

Leonid Afremov

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