Marlen Ferrer – Biography

Born in South Africa, to my Israeli father and S.African mother, during the years of Apartheid, I knew I would not stay there. The family moved numerous times, living in Rhodesia, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

After my studies at Witwatersrand University, I moved to England with my husband and studied Cartography. In 1978 we immigrated to Israel to build a small community,’ Manof’,  in the hills of the Galilee, where I opened a business silk screening on cloth, later this developed into painting on silk and designing exotic garments, as well as continuing to exhibit my paintings locally and overseas. I have 2 daughters Cara, a Chinese medicine practioner and Maya, an artist, and chef.

My life in Israel has been filled with changes and intensity, constantly creating art. Teaching is my joy, sharing my knowledge and experience with others, and seeing them develop their artistic abilities.

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