Artist statement

Painting the celestial sky brings to mind questions of the origins of life. Thoughts of conception, pregnancy and birth evoke similar wonderment of the initial moments of life. At the moment of human conception is the convergence of sperm and ovum. In the celestial realm the “big bang” is a similar unexplained fraction of infinitesimal time that represents infinite energy in a singular space area, the elements of which are beyond human perception. Human beings are designed to grasp all reality on a very limited scale. We are limited by what our sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch can perceive. The micro cosmos is far too small and the galactic worlds are far too vast for my perception but a notion arises, a strange and enigmatic notion, i feel that there is a strong similarity if not connection between the worlds.

Since 1995 when I began painting deep space; galaxies, quasars,blue super giants and supernovas have become my models. In recent years I started to paint a new series of painting inspired by the inner body photography of Lennart Nilsson, his depiction of human formation and the fetus in the womb.

As I explored deep space and the latest images of the HUBBLE telescope, I began to recognize a similarity between the large scale formats of the universe and the tiniest building stones of the human existence.

All that exists moves. As the electron orbits the proton, the earth orbits the sun, the sun orbits a central point  in the milky way. There is nothing that stands still in the universe. There is a constant vibration that is at the core essence of every movement, a vibration that has similar shape in the most miniscule worlds as in the infinite galactic realm.

In my art I try to connect these worlds. The atomic and molecular space-time bar and the star-galaxy- galaxy cluster space-time realm. I try to visualize the placements within space and the relations between celestial bodies with the emerging fingers of the new born embryo.

The main notion behind my body of works is, As above so below.

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