The Art of Paol in Magnetic Bookmarks –

Hello from Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia,
My name is Paol Serret, I am a painter/sculptor, I have just published my first series 
“ The Art of Paol “ Magnetic Bookmarks.
As myself an avid reader of Art books I was always losing my bookmarks, 
not any more.
These bookmarks feature a series of 18 miniature paintings I did over the last 20 years and they are very practical as they stick to your page, which are much appreciated by children, avid readers and art lovers alike.
Each of them have a theme – Love –Friendship –Life is a Theatre –Primordial Shapes etc…– for the pleasure of many people that come in contact with them as I found that customers here in Australia buy more than one, mostly two or four at the time.
The title is in the back of each bookmark in English and French (For Canada and European market)
The starter Kit comes with a FREE display with 54 Bookmarks (3 of each) to give you an idea of they popularity and it is not too much of an expense to start this “ run out of the door “ product.
Wholesale Price: AUS $ 1.00/per Bookmark
Retail for $ 3.50 – 2 for $ 6.00 – 4 for $ 10.00
 They can also be sold as a gift tag especially with the approaching Christmas season.
Restocking is made easy, with a coding system, which is also pictured on the display.
Most of the bookstores and Gifts shop ,clients of mine, here in Australia re-order after a month the same quantity of bookmarks.
The Bookmarks are made and printed here in Australia on
3.50 Gms paper coated with gold ink frame
If you decide to order the starter kit AUS $ 54.00  (Weight 480 grams) + Postage $ 15.70 for United States and Canada.
Orders up to 2 kg: example 216 bookmarks paid the same amount in postage.
Payment is easy and secure using
My email address with Pay pal account
I hope you will like the designs of my work and thank you for your time in this matter.
I look forward to your reply.
Warm regards, Paol Serret


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