How to learn from failure as an artist

When I was very young, like 6, was probably the earliest memories I have of having the interest to draw, little did I know how those little sketches of drawings I did was going to be an everlasting love in my life. It would never betray me, it would never lie to me, it would only grow with me throughout my life.

There’s been many ventures I’ve tried as an artist, I made a children’s book, did paintings, made comics, made cartoons. You may never make any money, or very little money from your craft, even though that should not really be the point of being an artist, but it is nice to have the financial backing to be able to create more works of art. An artist needs 3 things, a studio, food, and art supplies, these all cost something.

But lets go back to the main subject. Failure…

That’s right, the “f” word we really don’t want to think about in life. However, failure can be the greatest teacher in life, we just have to “want” to learn from it. I think back at all my creations and even though they weren’t great success stories, they still were learning points that brought me closer to being a better artist. Let me break it down…

In 2002 I got my first computer, some clunker my Uncle David gave me that was destined for the trash. I started writing on notepad with some stories as I interested in becoming a novelist or screenwriter. I just love telling stories, I always have, my little brother could tell you that, when we were just kids in a bedroom with a bunk bed, I would tell him some wild stories, and he would just listen. I learned how to properly format a screenplay, as well as all the breakdowns of plots, story arcs, and the 3 acts “beginning, middle, and end. As many who try to get a script sold, I was one who never did, but I did get some eyes to read over my stuff, which was good and kept me going.

I got into self publishing, which in my opinion is actually one of the best ways to get your material out there into the public eye. Once you’ve done plenty of that, you may attract the attention of someone who has the means to promote your work more professionally.

But from that all of those past experiences, they have led me to be able to combine all of those lessons from failure, and put them into new kinds of art expression. For me, my next goal is making a graphic novel.

So never get down about failure, just use what you have learned from them and keep trying, reinvent if you have to. Just never give up on your dreams. 

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