Wall Street Greed

Wall Street’s greed, the crash of the economy and the Great Recession…The bankers on Wall Street now reward themselves with astronomical bonuses for engaging in the same high-risk financial gimmicks that crashed the economy back in 2008. Wall Street Greed is ArtGraeco’s depiction of how the gimmicks and fraud have affected the artist, the arts,… Read more Wall Street Greed


2000 Painting with painter Ilana Bar-David 1998 Drawing instructions with sculpture Yael Bareket, Sketching, aquarelle and acrylic painting. Association of painting and sculptures in Tel Aviv with painter Shaike Granot. 1998-1999 Various combined technique sketching and oil on canvas with painter Noga Meierhof, Center for Arts, Tel Aviv. Sketching an oil canvas with painter Miri… Read more Studies


Beit Gabriel (on the Kinneret), Jordan Valley, Israel 2010         A comment on Landscape (Painting), The Artists’                  House, Tel Aviv, Israel 2010         The Jerusalem Theatre, Israel 2009         Karandaji Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2008         The Migdalor Gallery, Jaffa, Israel 2008         The Collection Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2006         Efrat gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2006         Shorashim Gallery, Tel… Read more Exhibitions

Nocturnes – the Night Paintings of Suly Bornstein Wolff

Suly Bornstein Wolff’s recent series of paintings is inspired by the night. After having investigated such vegetation as Eucalyptuses and palm trees in the harsh light of her native Israel, as metaphors for uprooting and immigration, she dives into what seems to be her “Night Shift”, a wide series in which these two metaphors are… Read more Nocturnes – the Night Paintings of Suly Bornstein Wolff

Artist statement

My creative work is marked and affected by my being an immigrant who has been uprooted from one country Brazil to another Israel. While trying to accommodate myself to a new place, a new language and a new culture, I found myself attracted by certain species of trees which seemed to me alien to this… Read more Artist statement